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Suzhou Saimai measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as semi mile & C.) is engaged in R & D and production in the field of semiconductor RF testing. Its main products are semiconductor device testing machines and intelligent testing systems and services. Deeply cultivate the subdivided field of RF chip testing, focus on the R & D of core technologies and products such as RF broadband vector signal transceiver, fast S-parameter measurement and analysis, RF power amplification and cloud measurement and control platform, provide a full set of independently controllable rear channel testing solutions for RF chip modules and micro systems (such as SOC) of terminal equipment, and break the current situation that the core technology in this field has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.

The company's main products include: RF and microwave components: frequency source components, frequency conversion components, digital receiver components, RF and microwave signal generation components; RF microwave transceiver, high bandwidth vector modulation and analysis, supporting new communication standards such as 5gnr and WiFi 6e; Modular vector network analyzer: realize RF parameter test function with frequency above 20GHz; The semiconductor RF chip tester adopts the above independently developed hardware to build a test platform for RF front-end chips (filters, low-noise amplifiers, switches, RF module FEM, etc.) for wireless communication, and provides professional test procedures, calibration procedures and software interfaces; Semiconductor cloud measurement and control system is an online quality control platform and technical service based on cloud measurement and control, that is, cloud centralized testing, which realizes multi plant real-time quality management, real-time controllable production process, and can analyze statistical data to quickly improve production line process. Product details can be tracked and traced, which is conducive to continuous support and management after delivery, improve customer experience, and improve the management ability of supply chain.

The company insists on focusing on strategic development, adheres to the business model of "interaction between industrial technology and market, creating long-term value for customers" and the market model of "market driven, technology driven and product driven", and wholeheartedly provides stable and reliable products, first-class solutions and high-quality services for the majority of users with the support of technology research and development and the means of modern management.

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